Joerg Mitter

based in Graz // Austria

The head of photography at Limex Images, Joerg Mitter has channeled a lifetime of passion for extreme sport and adventure into a successful career photographing sports, advertising, travel and lifestyle. The Austrian native has captured images in more than 70 countries, covering over 500 events and producing spectacular work in the skies, on the water and from some of the most challenging terrain on Earth. After university, Joerg worked as a freelancer, subsequently becoming the head of photography at Sports and News, the Euro Newsroom and Global Newsroom before founding Limex Images, a worldwide network of freelance photographers. His experience includes leading the photography teams for an international roster of clients such as Red Bull, Swatch, Stihl and Northland, and he also conducts international workshops for photographers. Joerg’s pictures have appeared in leading print publications and websites around the world.